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Long-term blood pressure monitoring

With a long-term blood pressure measurement, the changes in blood pressure can be documented over a 24-hour period – an entire day and night. By recording blood pressure readings at many different times of the day, a comprehensive picture of your blood pressure situation is created. The advantage over a one-time measurement at our practice: With the data from a long-term blood pressure measurement, we can see much more precisely how much your blood pressure values differ from the normal values. In addition to hypertension diagnostics, long-term blood pressure measurements can also be useful for follow-up after adjusting your medication.

For long-term blood pressure monitoring, we rely on the latest innovative medical devices that, in addition to blood pressure measurement, also have pulse wave analysis and a validated algorithm to determine central blood pressure and your biological arterial age. The advantage: Only knowledge of the central blood pressure creates a comprehensive picture of your actual blood pressure situation and its direct effect on the organs.

Long-term ECG

If cardiac arrhythmias are suspected, the long-term ECG is a diagnostic method that provides precise data and thus makes a personalized therapy possible. With a long-term ECG, your heart activities are usually recorded over a period of up to 24 hours. The advantage over a classic resting ECG, where the measurement takes only a few minutes, is the possibility of recording cardiac arrhythmias that occur only once, occasionally, or rarely.

Our latest-generation long-term ECG recorder is characterized by its high level of patient comfort. It is compact, very lightweight, completely wireless, and offers optimal recording quality.

Long-term blood pressure measurement and long-term ECG

  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Long-term ECG measurement
  • Measurement of central blood pressure values
  • Innovative measuring instruments
  • High patient comfort
  • No annoying cables
  • Optimal recording results

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